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Product Analysis

Our product analysis services allow for an in-depth analysis of your products at an intense level. This service identifies key formulation differences between your own and a competitor’s product that can be invaluable for your product description, product rating, and stock status. We perform a depth level, and can accurately quantify even the minor individual ingredients within a product’s formulation.


1. Total Products In A Review Range
This list of products with ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number)of the product present in a review range of the product. The data that it shows is divided into ASIN ranges and this will help in easily tracking products by its unique identification number. This list is used to uniquely identify the products.
2. Total Question In A Question Range
The questions asked on the different products quality, information and offers are presented here. These questions are based on their unique ASIN and specific to the number of questions. The user can directly identify which product has multiple ranges of questions and directly answer them by identifying the products ASIN.
3. Total Products In A Rating Group
The rating of the product that the users have provided to the product. The recorded count of the product rating can be viewed on this dashboard. The user can also sort the data according to the record count or rating of the product. The list of ratings can be used to make further decisions regarding the product.
4. Stock Status
Stock Status will show the record count of the product which will provide the number of stock available of a unique product as per its ASIN. These products list can be specified according to Available from these sellers, Currently unavailable, In Stock, Only 1 left in stock - order soon and many more.
5. Product Information Table
This table will provide the whole knowledge of products ASIN, Name and nearly every detailed information as description. The product's current price and every day price can also get featured in this dashboard list which will be helpful in taking decisions regarding the price change and many more.


Connect your data to business goals.

As the user can connect with enormous data and this data can be useful for making further decisions. That way you avoid any time and resources wasted on gathering data your organization won’t be able to put to productive use.

It uses different kinds of metrics and goals.

The data that we gather form products ASIN all that affects the metrics and goals typically used in Product Analytics. In most cases they’re strictly related to your product objectives. Helps in Measuring the depth of user interactions with a product.

Create a tracking plan for your data.

The plans of your data and their decisions can be viewed on the dashboards. These decisions are useful for Product analytics data that is typically broken down into units called events and the event describes an action.

Product Analytics operates on sensitive data.

There are also considerable differences in the types of data that we collect and the responsibilities entailed. As this data is intensely sensitive because it contains everything with a product name such as its ASIN,, List everyday price, Question Answered and many more.

Focused on Products journey.

When it comes to the product journey and the measure of success is not how many people view but it all depends upon how many buy your product, the products stages can be classified into, In Stock and Only 1 left in stock - order soon.


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