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Pricing Analytics

Pricing your products is one of the most challenging things in E-commerce. It will affect how much you sell, your margins, and even your brand. There are lots of different pricing strategies, however, there isn’t a one-fits-all formula that will work for every different type of E-commerce business. We help companies find automated, algorithm-driven approaches to tackle challenges such as tracking the competitors product prices. This helps you to stay on top of your game.


1. Product Price Information
It contains all the essential details regarding the products price such as Current Price, List everyday price and Change in Price according to the past day and will be useful in taking future decisions regarding the price strategies of the product.
2. Product With Maximum Change In Price
It will show the maximum price change in the product. It shows the Product name and the Change in the price. You can even download the file with details of the products in the form of CSV, CSV (Excel), Export to Sheets and then it will be ready for taking decisions and understanding price strategies.


Optimize your pricing for value

Basing your decision-making on hard data gets you much closer to value-based pricing. Our Dashboards lets you quickly see all your products current pricing, discounts, coupons,any changes in pricing all at one place. These insights from our pricing analytics drive more effective business and pricing decisions for you.

Identify quick pricing wins

Nearly every vendor has holes in their pricing strategy just waiting to be patched, pricing leaks, underpriced or overpriced product tiers, or missed upsell opportunities. Our Pricing analytics Dashboard comb through the data, finding the low-hanging fruit that can be fixed quickly and creating extra revenue in a few months.

Recognize which pricing tiers work the best

Companies offer some form of pricing tiers to meet the needs of different customer segments. Our Pricing analytics Dashboard breaking down what those tiers should look like. Having insight into how many tiers you should have, the optimal price for each tier, and who uses which tiers can unlock new levels of profitability for your product.


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