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Data extraction technique is used to extract data from various sites on the internet and then analyzing the data to derive useful results. Various online tools are available for data extraction that makes the data extraction work quite convenient.

One such service is the Google data extractor. This service provided by IDeepeners would help the users to extract useful data from various Google Shopping pages such as Product images, Key Highlights, Products Specification, Your Competitors, Competitors Data etc.

Once the data is scraped using Google Shopping Scraping Service, the data and the corresponding records are then saved in various databases such as MS Excel, MS Access, MySQL etc. By doing so, the user will have immense data from the Google database that can be utilized into the business purposes to help the business grow exponentially..

Functionality of Google Shopping Scraping Service?

The Google Shopping Scraping Service identifies all your products and extracts the necessary data by web crawling, then copying and manipulating the data which help you in making further moves in the market. Our Scrapping Service is very useful and helps you in saving a lot of time, effort and money of the user.

To update your store pricing, you can update Google Shopping seamlessly using the Google Shopping Scraping Service. Without using Google Shopping Scraping Service, you can have the risks of product registered ads getting dragged as a price of the feeds which are not the newest. Definitely, this works on autopilot and might run once in the day or how often you need it; automatic email or file upload everyday on your website.

Process flow of Google Shopping Service

Find product

Using the product's information we search Google Shopping for your product.

Grab data

Your competitor’s prices, postage costs, and store name will be saved.

Rinse & repeat

This process would then be repeated for all the products list that you supply.

Data cleaning

All of the data is then put into either CSV or XLSX format, depending on what you choose, and is then cleaned by AI Bots.


The document is then sent back over to you for you to review and update your product prices.


This data that we scraped is very essential to make analysis and provide complete reports that will help you in making strategies and goals.

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