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Content Analysis

Content Analysis is a research method used to determine a specific pattern of words and concepts given within the text or set of documents. The most successful content pieces of your competitors are the first you need to keep an eye on and possibly replicate. Learn what your target audience liked most and do it even better than your competition.


1. Total Product Grade Count
It helps in identifying the grade of the content which the users have published on their products. The total product grade count helps you in identifying the grade of the content that the product providers have published. This will help you in understanding the content quality and you can take decisions according to it.
2. Quality Score Over Trend
It shows the trend of the quality of content that the user publishes on the pages. The graphics show the trends towards which show the quality scores. This will be helpful while we are generating content and understanding the changes specifically needed in development of content.
3. Product Quality Range Count
The quality of content specified on the product's details must be up to the mark for considering the content to be uploaded on e-commerce websites. The range of the product content must be specific and have a range count of the data.


Describing trends

It will identify the trends in the content and understand the need of keywords that are trending the market place. The content must be specific to the user base which tends to purchase the specific commodity you are providing.

Identify patterns

It will understand content and identify different patterns in the past content for changes. The content must be unique and must not derive any patter regarding the competitors content it can contain keywords for better product ranking.

Establishing trends

As it identifies the trends it also knows how to increase the quality score of any content. The content is specific to a product details and that product keyword which will provide it a better ranking.

Comparing content to standards

The content that you generate should be compared to a standard content and with the competitors content that will show you the basic differentiation points. This Content must fulfil the standard criteria to get a better view on the product.


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