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Competition Tracking

Price might be the only thing that differentiates one business from the next. Consumers are so easily able to search around for the best price for them and compare the goods and services on offer that price has become one of the most important elements of e-commerce entirely. It only takes a few clicks for consumers to find alternatives that fit their budget better. So this is very important for us to retain our customers by providing them the most effective price.


1. Uncover Customers They Targeting
It helps in identifying your competitors and their customers they are targeting for selling their products. This list of their customers can be used as your potential customers. Even we can identify the products they are selling while they are dealing with their customers.
2. Analyze Their Products Rankings
We can identify the competitors' products ranking and whether they belong to best seller ranking or what is the demand of the product in the competitive market. This ranking is very useful while dealing with the products with the same competitive value and useful in generating better demands.
3. Research Their Most Selled Product
The products which our competitors are selling are being researched and the list of most selling products are made and after that the data of those products are deeply analysed. The research is helpful in making changes in our products and understanding the strategies which made them the most selling product.
4. Stay Alert for New Price Strategy
Understand the price strategies of our competitors for new products and use this price strategy to optimize your new products and make their price strategy for collecting maximum profit and cumulate maximum customers for selling the products.
5. Product Price Information
Identify the new product from the deeply driven list and identify the new product. This helps in analysing the whole concept of product including product details and specifications of the product. This will help in designing new products by knowing the response of the product in the competitive market.
6. Monitor Their Product Price
Monitor your competitive products and make a list of product prices and the alternative price which they keep on changing to be in the market. The price list will help you in analyzing alternative prices for products and continuous price updates. This continuous price update is extremely helpful in a competitive market.
7. Read and Analyze Product Content
The content published on the website must be a perfect explanation of your product. The content must specify all the specifications of the products, That's why the analysis of the competitive content is so important as it is helpful in analyzing your competitors and their content strategies.


Find some of your competitors’ profiles on e-commerce websites and analyse their product and this will help in product formation. We give the overview of the competitor's product which will be helpful in updating product details.

It’s not that your competitors don’t really sleep, as the process of updating the product list goes on every single minute. This process is not done by people but AI inherited Bots with 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

Analyzing the products of your competitors and revealing what they’re planning, what they’re in the middle of doing, or which and where their products are successful in satisfying their customers.

Analyzing competitors' product strategies helps you in building better vision for product development and helps you learn from their mistakes without spending your own energy, money, and time on something that might not even work.

Track competitors to avoid unpleasant surprises. Every company tries to be one step ahead of their competitors but it all depends upon who is first to do this. After fully analyzing the competitors reports are made.


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