Cassini the eBay Search Engine : Your Key To Rank High


Being an eBay seller how much are you aware of Cassini the eBay search engine? Well yeah, that really exists. eBay also has a search engine and yeah it’s named after the Cassini satellite as the former search engine was also named as Voyager.

Okay enough of the general knowledge stuff, we aren’t here to discuss all that. We are gonna breakdown how Cassini search works and how you can use the itty-bitties to rank up in eBay search results that are relevant to your products.

Yeah, there is a way through the tricky search algorithm of eBay and you can actually climb up the listing rank through some tried and tested methods. But before we crack it down for you let’s know what is eBay Cassini?

What is Cassini, The eBay Search Engine?

Cassini is eBay’s internal search engine. A search engine is a web-based tool that enables users to locate the information, products, and services they are looking/shopping for. Cassini was rolled out in 2013.

Since all search engines change over time, I’ll keep this article updated as new standards and functionalities are instituted.

Just like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and hundreds of other search engines, Cassini has been programmed to gather zillions of pieces of data regarding human search, engagement, and purchasing behavior.

Meaning, when a person visits eBay and searches for “Black Shirt” the eBay search engine tracks such behavior as (to name only a few):
  • What listings they click on
  • What listings they bid on
  • What listings they watch
  • What items they purchase
  • How long they spent viewing a product or item
  • What images they enlarged
Cassini tracks the following information about items:
  • Viewed
  • Clicked On
  • Bid On
  • Purchased
When you are selling a product, Cassini tracks the following information:
  • Return policy
  • Response time
  • Product info
  • Item descriptions
  • Click through and sell-through rates
  • Seller ratings and feedback
  • Shipping policies and delivery times

What factors influence ranking in Cassini search results?

I’m happy you asked. Cassini’s ultimate goal is to provide the best user experience humanly possible to eBay shoppers, meaning everything you need to know and do to ‘appease’ Cassini is first and foremostly a customer satisfaction and user experience issue. If you want to rank in Cassini, your first question should always be, “Does this improve the customer’s overall retail experience?” If the answer is yes, then go for it. If not, then recalibrate.

The obvious question lingering is, “Why does eBay care so much about a shopper’s retail experience?” The answer is quite intuitive, as eBay makes money off of every sale generated. The more sales, the more money in eBay’s corporate pockets. It is that simple. Cassini was designed around this principle: Keep customers happy, keep them shopping and ensure they return for more.

Aim For Engagement

Cassini values engagement over everything else. It’s a broad term, but for Cassini it means how much time customers spend on your listings, and how many of them watch or bid. High buyer engagement will improve the ranking of your listings. There are many things which are proven to increase buyer engagement. Some key areas are:

  • High-quality photographs
  • Well written product description
  • Free delivery
  • Free returns

By creating listings that are more attractive to customers, you will increase the time customers spend looking at your listings, as well as how many choose to watch or bid. This in itself can only be a positive thing, but it will also increase the ranking of your listings.

Listing format can also influence engagement. A single quantity fixed price listing presents one item to appeal to the millions of eBay customers. On the other hand, multi variation listings, incorporating multiple sizes and colours into one listing, have a much wider potential group of people to appeal to. Creating multi variation listings instantly increases buyer engagement.

How to beat the algorithm and appear higher in the search results?

  1. Product title: Your product titles should be an accurate description of the product you are selling. The more detailed your title, the greater the chance a customer will click on it. It will also help your reviews later on when the seller is satisfied they received the product they were expecting.
  1. Item specifications: When entering an item specifications, they become the filters for customers to click when searching for a product. These means these seemingly small details can make all the difference, so don’t ignore them.
  1. Categories: Ensure the products you are selling are highly relevant to the categories you’ve listed them in the SEO.
  1. Item description: A detailed, thoughtful, and well-worded item description can increase your seller ranking in the search results if you research and implement highly relevant keywords.
  1. Customer feedback: Your ranking is partially determined by the amount of positive or negative feedback you receive from customers. Improve your customer service with open and quick communication, accurate product descriptions and quick shipping, and you can increase your positive reviews.
  1. Free shipping: Customers will almost always prefer products with free shipping. Consider adding the cost of shipping into your product price and listing your product’s shipping as free!
  1. Quality photographs: eBay’s search engine prioritizes listings with high-quality images with a large number of pixels. Ensure these images also clearly and accurately represent your product.
When someone is selling “Black Shirt” on eBay, the search engine tracks things such as (to name only a few):
  1. What is your return policy
  2. What is your response time to customer questions
  3. Do you have all the product info filled in
  4. Do you have quality pictures of your products
  5. What is your feedback quality score
  6. What are your shipping policies, prices, and delivery times
  7. Do you have valuable and accurate product descriptions
  8. What prices are you asking for products
  9. At what price point are you starting bidding
  10. What are your click-through and sell-through ratios
  11. What percentage of your products are “Buy it Now” instead of auctions

Boost your presence on eBay

Increasing your eBay traffic and visibility through SEO boils down to providing the most relevant information to your customers at the right time and place. You can do this by:

  1. Identifying the keywords that your customers are searching for.
  2. Incorporating those search terms into your product titles and descriptions.
  3. Building a strong seller profile by optimizing your page and, more importantly, being a great and trustworthy seller who keeps customers happy.

Just like with everything in life, SEO takes time, so be patient. The best thing you can do is start optimizing your store today to see the results sooner rather than later.

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