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Buy Box Status

Amazon Buy Box eligible sellers are Professional sellers who have met performance-based requirements. Buy Box sellers must maintain their performance levels in order to retain the status of Buy Box eligible. With the help of our service you can analyze stiff competition and Amazon’s customer-obsessed approach, only businesses with excellent seller metrics stand a chance to win a share of this valuable market.


1. In Stock Table
The dashboard helps you in viewing various sorts of data from the stock table of any product the dashboard contains that products which are available in stock. When it comes to details it contains the ASIN of the individual product, Name of the Product, Status of the Stock, Buy box seller, Buy Box Shipper and Current Price of the product.
2. Out Of Stock Table
The details of the products that are out of stock can be viewed, in this list it contain details such as Unique Identification Number, Product name that are out of stock, Status of the stock, Buy Box Seller of the product, then the vendor who is Buy Box Shipper of the product and Current Price of the Product. All this data is present in the Excel sheet and ready to be downloaded in CSV file format.
3. Seller And Shipper By ASIN Number
The data of any vendor can be viewed by the products Unique Identity Number or it’s ASIN. The details such as which vendor is the Buy box seller of the product, then Buy box shipper of the product and the Price of the product can be viewed for taking further decisions related to Buy Box Strategies.
4. Product With URL Fail
The products that fail to generate a URL and the product can’t be published on the websites then the product can be directly viewed on this dashboard. The vendor can directly view the product and can generate URLs and strategies for the product. These all products can directly be added as CSV files for further analysis and decision making.
5. Product That Can be improved
The products that have a poor score in Quality Store Range can be withdrawn from the market or taken by primitive majors to make the product better. The ranking in percentage is available with the product name and the user can also sort the ranking in the Dashboard. This is used for making products better in the form of quality so that they can perform well in the market.


View Selling Status

All products and product categories are eligible for the Buy Box. With the help of our dashboards you can check your product’s eligibility via the Preferences button on your Manage Inventory page. Selecting will display the status for each of your ASINs.

Inventory Updation

One thing that will disqualify you from the Buy Box is low or inconsistent stock. If you have a lower price but another seller has significantly more product available, they’ll likely be chosen over you. That's why our dashboards are always updating you over stocks and Out of Stock status.

Fulfillment Method

Using our service for accessing your data in the form of Amazon dashboards can greatly improve your chances of being selected for the Buy Box. This gives you a peace of mind as they know the quality of the packaging and can control how quickly it reaches customers.

Price Optimization

As you can view your competitors don’t panic if a seller appears to be selling the same product at an incredibly low rate. With such a low price they’ll likely run through their stock quickly and you’ll have another opportunity to capture the Buy Box. The key is to be patient and know your margins.

Understand Performance Data

You can view these metrics under the Performance tab of our dashboards. Amazon has a variety of performance targets to gauge each seller’s reliability. The better your performance metrics, the better your chances of winning the Buy Box. Finally all depends upon quality so that's why always take a check on it.


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