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Brand Analysis is developing brand strategies, plans, evaluations, metrics and estimates. The term implies a systematic and disciplined approach to analysis. We help you in developing or evaluating brand strategies including elements such as brand identity and visual branding. Your brand is how others perceive you and how they feel about you, and that’s always changing and evolving.


1. Brand Wise Vs ASIN Count
It will show the quality score range of the products with priority in ascending or descending order. The products with their record count can be seen and analysed according to the need. The products are analysed and can be viewed on dashboard according to brand wise on the basis of ASIN Value of the product.
2. Branch Wise vs Quality Score
The products having the best quality score ranking can be viewed in this list on the basis of ASIN value or Product Name. These products can be viewed on the basis of both ascending and descending order. The quality of the products can be used to make better decisions and increase the quality of the product.
3. Average Rating By Brand
The rating of the product decides what’s the quality of the product. The average rating of the product has been analyzed and the decisions regarding that has been taken to make products that are not doing well in average rating. The brands that are getting the details of all the ratings and stuff can make strategies for better output.
4. Reviews By Brand
The products matter a lot for betterment of the products as the vendor can learn directly from the horse's mouth. These products which receive a huge amount of reviews have a great scope of changes and make the product better as the users are the only persons who are going to consume your products.
5. Count Of Brand in Review Range
This dashboard will show the number brands that can stand in the list of number of reviews. The count shows a set of products which stand in a review range list. This is helpful in making decisions related to the product that stand in the same review range and built up strategies regarding that.


Understand your customers

It’s hard to succeed in business without fully understanding your audience. The more precise your message is, the better the response rate. Brand analysis can be your secret weapon, not only in targeting the right demographics, but also monitoring the overall tone of the conversation.

Find industry leaders and influencers

Monitoring certain keywords or phrases you’re able to find the industry leaders and influencers you could work with to boost your business to another level. Many marketers claim that influencer marketing is long dead. Apart from examining the number of likes and shares, take a closer look at the sentiment around the given author.

Take a look at brand perception

Help you ensure that the messages you share are relevant and target the right audience. A consistent perception of your brand is one of the biggest assets you have. By monitoring sentiment around your industry, you can spot how people feel about certain topics and adjust your content accordingly.

Give extra boost to your customer service

Once the crisis hits, you have to act fast, before it escalates. Sentiment analysis and Internet monitoring will help you contain crises around your brand, or even turn the tables around and use the crisis to your advantage. The key is to act fast. Spotting negative comments early will help you nip the critical situations in the bud.

Focused on Products journey.

The quantitative data you follow to assess the success of your marketing campaign, for example, the number of likes, shares, comments, or social media reach, should be the backbone of your marketing analysis. But to properly assess the results of your marketing campaign you need the qualitative data as well.


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