Amazon Scraping

Amazon web scraping used to gather the product information and customer reviews. Amazon data scraper collects all the data from the wide-ranging package which can be the most useful tool for the formation of your policies and strategies for further business planning and marketing. It helps you understand product trends through scraping as they influence buyers. It can help you identify the best ways to evaluate a product’s performance and further take effective measures for product enhancement.

Information that our Amazon Data Scraper can Extract

  • A complete product description like product name, price, description, seller details, etc in a will formatted manner.

  • It figures out all the product features that includes the whole set of key highlights of service.

  • Scrape out the rating and reviews of products which help you understand the choices made by customer fragments.

  • Identify rankings of products which include bestseller ranking and individual product rank.

  • Shipping Details includes areas where the product can’t be shipped, not available or available at higher shipping rates.

Advantages of Amazon Web Scraping Using Amazon Data Extractor

Recognize the Behavior

It helps you understand the behavior of the customers by analyzing their reviews and ratings. The data that we analyze helps you make reports and strategies that will be helpful to cope up with your competitors.

Repricing Strategy

As the data is thoroughly analyzed and the price of your competitors and their strategies are ready in our reports then it's easy to make decisions like what should be the price of the commodity? And when it should be changed.

Marketing Strategies

The strategies that our competitors are following are scraped out from the websites.We crawl the whole website as much as possible and gather the data that is relevant to make up the marketing strategy.

Challenges with such a huge website:

  • Massive amount of data which is too difficult to collect and analyze.
  • Huge no of web pages generated dynamically which is very difficult to keep in record.
  • The data that the users are gathering is in an unstructured format.
  • Need to update the list every second of around 600 products.
  • The domain of the products are managed from multiple countries.
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